Mark your calendars NOW for next year’s event the weekend of May 12-13, 2018 @ Stuart Sports Complex!!

Congratulations to all the 2017 Border Wars Champions!!


Exciting news for 2017!!

 Border Wars will now be a tournament with a champion at every level and division!

Border Wars 2017 May 13 & 14

This year the tournament will be at 1 location.  Stuart Sports Complex in Montgomery, IL.

This 317-acre sports complex is one of the largest in the mid-west and has 29 fields and plenty of amenities.

And is only minutes from I-88 highway, hotels, food and 25min from downtown Naperville.

*Two concession locations

*Two modern restroom facilities

*Portable restrooms throughout complex

*Parking for 1,300 vehicles

*Professional athletic trainers

*Vendor Village

*5 game guarantee

*Champion at each division (A, B, C)

 Like in years past the competition will be strong and we will have teams from all over the mid-west and beyond.

Divisions Of Play Border Wars Boys Youth 2017

Diamond A – 7/8-A  or (14U-A, U15-A*, 8th-A, 7th-AA, 2021-A, 2022-AA)

Diamond B – 7/8-B  or (14U-B, U15-B*, U13-A, 8th-B, 7th-B, 2021-B, 2022-B)

Diamond C – 7/8-C  or (14U-C, U15-C*, U13-B/C, 8th-C, 7th-C, 2021-C, 2022-C)

Ruby A – 5/6-A or (12U-A, U11-AA, 6th-A, 5th-AA, 2023-A, 2024-AA)

Ruby B – 5/6-B or (12U-B, U11-A/B, 6th-B, 5th-B, 2023-B, 2024-B)

Ruby C – 5/6-C or (12U-C, U11-C, 6th-C, 5th-C, 2023-C, 2024-C)

Emerald A – 3/4-A or (10U-A, U9-AA, 4th-A, 3rd-AA, 2025-A, 2026-AA)

Emerald B – 3/4-B or (10U-B, U9-A/B, 4th-B, 3rd-B, 2025-B, 2026-B)

Emerald C – 3/4-C or (10U-C, U9-C, 4th-C, 3rd-C, 2025-C, 2026-C)

Saphire** – K/1/2 or (8U, U7, K/1, 2nd, 1st, 2027, 2028)-

Girls Round Robin

Diamond-7/8 or (U15, U13AA)

Ruby-5/6 (U13, U11AA)


*Athletes currently enrolled in 9th grade are not permitted to play under any circumstances.

**Saphire division is Saturday only, 3 games plus playoffs, 2-22min halves on Modified Field with Full Size Goals 

 Border Wars Is A Stay To Play Tournament.

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Clubs attending Borders Wars- 414-IL, Bombers Lacrosse Club-IL, Carmel-IN, Dunlap-IL, FCA-IL, FHC-MI, Fox Valley-IL, Glenbrook Lacrosse Club-IL, HSE-IN, Indy Catholic Saints-IN, Lake Forest-IL, Lacrosse Hustle-IL, Lincoln Way-IL, Mid Valley Raptors-ILNew Wave-IL, North Shore United-IL, NX Level Lacrosse-WI,Rip Rock Lacrosse-WI, Shamrocks-MI,                The Hill-ONT, Warriors-MI, True Lacrosse Minnesota-MN